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Mpact Environmental Solutions, our exclusive two step process that destroys 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and molds on any surface for up to 30 days! Step 1: MPerial neutralizes and destroys  99.9% of all the things you can't see like viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew and it prepares the surface for step 2 of the process. Step 2: Mpale's unique spike molecular structure is imperceptible to the human touch but highly effective against all viruses including human coronavirus. MPale bonds with both hard and soft surfaces and continuously protects not with poison but by puncturing and electrocuting cell walls on a microscopic level.  MPale dries it bonds to the surface and retains its effectiveness for minimum 30 days before reapplication, and you can continue to clean all surfaces regularly without the protective coating being impacted.

Products from mPact Environmental Solutions

MPale: Virus and Disease Prevention
MPale: Virus and Disease Prevention
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